Saturday, November 23, 2013


Perkataan ciptaan di sosial media 'Selfie' sudah diterima masuk ke dalam Oxford Dictionaries.

Gigihlah mencipta lagi.


Zaman dah ada Google ni pun masih ada orang tanya soalan bodoh?


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Art Display

Found a very neat window display at Kinokuniya bookstore in KLCC. Awesome artworks of several artists were displayed. You may observe the artists name on the lower right end corner of each painting.

/\ This one is my favourite!


Went to Avenue K recently when I heard that H&M was opening a branch there. Found that AK had been renovated and revamped. I think they had started decorating for Christmas and the coming New Year! Now..aint that a purple Christmas tree?

/\Late evening, KLCC on the left, H&M on the right.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Go Korean

/\ A Korean contemporary restaurant.

/\ The menu.

/\ Some write up on one of the elements in a Korean culture.

/\ The chosen dish, Beef Honey Garlic Bulgogi.

/\ How they presented the dish.

/\ A closer look at the dish, Beef Honey Garlic Bulgogi which was excellently prepared. Came with condiments complete with Kimchi. The beef was tender. I enjoyed the dish and the environment. Wouldn't mind returning for more.

Spring Time

Event : All girls uni reunion gathering.
Place : Spring Garden KLCC

/\ One angle of the room with sliding doors still opened while waiting for the girls to arrive.

/\ Interior and setting of the 3 vip rooms booked for our all girls reunion gathering.

/\ The lunch pax eating set.

/\ The chandelier.

/\ Green presents for my friends at a green theme reunion gath.

Friday, September 27, 2013


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Shorthair Styles III

Karlie Kloss, model.

Shorthair Styles I

Shorthair Styles II

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Mooncake Festival

This is the Mid-autumn Festival held in Mid Valley from 28 August till 19 September 2013.

The nice modern lightings are resembling the lanterns normally used in the Mooncake Festival.

*The Lantern Festival, also known as the Mid-Autumn or Mooncake Festival, traditionally signifies the end of the harvest season. Malaysian Chinese homes celebrate with family get-togethers, prayers, and mooncakes, while kids show off their latest lantern designs. Malls and landmarks in the city like Petaling Street will be gaily decorated with thousands of lit lanterns, while various other activities all add up to a festive atmosphere.- Tourism Malaysia

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

4th Day of Raya

After three days of entertaining guests in the house for Raya, went out for a late family lunch.

/\ Found a nice spot with this cute wall display..

/\ ..and had this marvellous Arabic Chicken Briyani and teh tarik in a cup.
The chicken was tender and juicy and the rice was perfect.
A nice relaxing day, indeed.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Going Mexican?

Naah..just Fresca at The Gardens

/\ In the middle is Hot Cappuccino, top is Pescado al Mojo de Ajo (grilled fish with rice and salad). The grilled fish and salad was so nice, the fish came with a lot of sliced grilled garlic, my favourite.

/\ This is Tacos Alambre, tacos with grilled beef fillings. Yes I actually ordered Tacos for breaking of fast (iftar) , why not? I also managed eating them Tacos without much fillings falling down onto the plate. I used my bare, right hand of course, and that was fun!

/\ One way to eat taco.

/\ Another way to eat it.

I went to Fresca Mexican Kitchen & Bar on one of the last few days of Ramadan. The environment was relaxing and the ambience was stress-free. Comfortable seatings. Waiters and waitresses are mostly Filipinos, and they are well-versed with the menu. They are also hyperly friendly, warm and courteous. Love this place. Wouldn't mind returning again.


It`s Chicken Rice Shop la!

This branch has been renovated recently. Love their new décor and wall display.

During the last few days of Ramadan, after my shopping spree, I went over to buy(tapau) two packs of roasted chicken rice and mango salad (kerabu mangga). That were the last two packs available on that day, how lucky of me!

Raya Decor

The Gardens, Raya decorations

Batiks were used, and I could also see many acrylic paintings being displayed (did not photographed any of the acrylic paintings though).

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Jom Makan!

Oops its Puasa time, I mean "Jom Makan" at break fasting time okay!

Let`s try some other Asian-influenced menu, other than the normal Malay food.

/\Cantonese-style Kuey Tiaw

/\Seeweed Soup, on the right.

/\Ais Kacang/ ABC (Air Batu Campur), top right corner.
/\Ais Karamel, bottom left corner.

1st Week Puasa 2013

Ronda-ronda KLCC

Like last year, another Malay Kampung House-themed decoration for Aidil Fitri 2013. It looks like a grand looking wakaf with Minangkabau`s roof. Nice flowers and plants all around, with Minangkabau-roof small kiosks in between the garden around the wakaf, selling kuih raya and such.

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Read, Sleep, Think

I sleep.

I think.

I am memorizing my facts.

I think I love this book.

Knowledge is power. - Francis Bacon (essayist, intellectual reformer, philosopher, champion of modern science)

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