Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Interview

The Interview

Interview dressing needs :

Your appearance is as important as your CV. Your age, experience and the job you are after should be reflected in the clothes you wear, as you are what you wear. The interviewer will be impressed by a positive disposition.

Your dressing must show that you :
- are not desperate for work, but want to expand your skills
- will fit in well with everyone, ie both sexes in the office
- rely on your approachability to make friends
- are very ease at yourself and others
- like being an individual
- are creative with a sense of fun
- like to be comfortable as well as smart
- dont need fuss or frills because your CV speaks for itself
- are confident but unthreatening
- are able to handle any situation
- are loyal
- will work hard to get a pay rise.
- you have respect for yourself and your job
- are ready to take on any challenge
- are not scared to go out and rise to a challenge in your job.
- have the makings of a future team leader

Before going for the interview :

- Find out some basic facts about the company, knowledge shows initiative and interest.
- Think of something to ask, just in case you`re asked if you have any questions.
- Make sure you have clean nails, clean shoes.
- Go easy on the make-up.
- Switch off your mobile phone.

At the interview, give a firm handshake and look the interviewer in the eye.

For first job :
Make sure the entire look is clean and crisp. Trouser suit is more individual than a skirt suit. Accessories should be subtle. Use a designer-inspired bag.

Back to work :
Look smart, wear coat and trousers that are tailored and well cut. Flared trousers are far more flattering than tapered. Ensure immaculate coordination for accessories. Use colours that are soothing. Tell the interviewer that over the last few years you`ve taken time out to further your education, either by taking a value-added course or enrolling in a college/university, and now you are ready to expand your skills and start a new phase in your life.

Monday, July 28, 2008

On fashion.....

Fashion fades, style is eternal.
-Yves Saint Laurent

Fesyen akan lenyap, tetapi gaya kekal abadi
-Yves Saint Laurent

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

On style

"Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say and not giving a damn."
- Gore Vidal

"Gaya adalah mengenali diri anda, apa yang anda mahu kata dan sama sekali tidak menghiraukannya."
- Gore Vidal

"True style is knowing what suits you best, rather than following the trends of the time."
- Gillian Hung, President of MODA.

"Gaya sebenar adalah mengetahui apa yang paling sesuai dengan anda, bukan sekadar mengikut trend semasa."
- Gillian Hung, Presiden MODA.


"Pink is the softest of all colours, a colour of joy and femininity. Every woman should have something pink in her wardrobe."
- Christian Dior

"Merah samar adalah warna yang paling lembut, warna keriangan dan keperempuanan. Setiap wanita patut ada sesuatu yang berwarna merah samar di dalam koleksi pakaiannya."
- Christian Dior
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