Thursday, September 27, 2012


Wild Rocket

One of my favourite vegetable is this rocket. First found it in a mixed salad bowl. Liked it so much I had to go to the supermarket to look for a whole pack of rocket. This pack of wild rocket is so fresh and crispy, it has a nice bitterly taste. Now eveybody at home like it so much. We normally eat it raw with white rice.

*Rocket is rich in calcium, which is fairly rare. It also contains iron and vitamin C. Renowned for its high erucic content, which can be toxic in large doses, it features widely in salads across south America. In southern Europe, it is eaten as part of mixed salads. Rocket is traditionally used as an appetite stimulant and for its digestive properties. A source of vitamin C, it helps the body to assimilate the iron in red meat. The perfect combination of taste and nutrition!

*source, Louis Bonduelle Foundation.

**Wild rocket is a flowering plant from the mustard family and is a close relative of the brassica. This family of plants is particularly nutritious and well known for its cancer-fighting properties due its wide array of phytonutrients. This variety of rocket is small, has dark green leaves with a mustard-like flavour, and is very versatile. Wild rocket, like many other leafy vegetables, is mostly made up of water, however, it does make a worthy contribution to our antioxidant intake. It also contains some protein and fibre.

**source, The Australian Women`s Weekly & Sanitarium Nutrition Service.

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