Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Go Korean

/\ A Korean contemporary restaurant.

/\ The menu.

/\ Some write up on one of the elements in a Korean culture.

/\ The chosen dish, Beef Honey Garlic Bulgogi.

/\ How they presented the dish.

/\ A closer look at the dish, Beef Honey Garlic Bulgogi which was excellently prepared. Came with condiments complete with Kimchi. The beef was tender. I enjoyed the dish and the environment. Wouldn't mind returning for more.

Spring Time

Event : All girls uni reunion gathering.
Place : Spring Garden KLCC

/\ One angle of the room with sliding doors still opened while waiting for the girls to arrive.

/\ Interior and setting of the 3 vip rooms booked for our all girls reunion gathering.

/\ The lunch pax eating set.

/\ The chandelier.

/\ Green presents for my friends at a green theme reunion gath.
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