Monday, March 30, 2009

Just some points from my notebook..scrapbook..and from research done recently..on Image Enhancement

1. "Be yourself, everyone else is already taken." - Oscar Wilde

2. Image is everything.

3. You can wear the most expensive outfit and still look ordinary, if you do not have the style and behaviour to match.

4. It doesnt matter if you are poor or rich, just dress right, be neat, precise and clean.

5. First Impressions - at first sight, people are already perceiving and building an image of you in their head.

6. Proper behaviour, etiquette and grooming - to gain a better advantage when meeting people.

7. Creating a good image, developing personal taste and achieving personal style - enhance one`s own identity.

8. Dressing right and being well-groomed is one of the aspects of respecting oneself.

9. Why image is important - Image enhances your career and business as well as your social and personal life.

10. Everyone needs a full length mirror in their homes. Take a few seconds to take notice of yourself. Ensure everything from clothes to accessories are in place.

11. Sit straight, do not take your backbone for granted. Poise and deportment are very important parts of a person image. Poisture and poise are like the foundations. If you slouch, it means you have bad foundations.

12. When people see you from a distance and are not impressed because of bad poisture and poise, that means your image packaging has failed.

13. Poise reflects attitude. A dishonest person would not have poise and straightness when they are talking.
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