Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Jom Makan!

Oops its Puasa time, I mean "Jom Makan" at break fasting time okay!

Let`s try some other Asian-influenced menu, other than the normal Malay food.

/\Cantonese-style Kuey Tiaw

/\Seeweed Soup, on the right.

/\Ais Kacang/ ABC (Air Batu Campur), top right corner.
/\Ais Karamel, bottom left corner.

1st Week Puasa 2013

Ronda-ronda KLCC

Like last year, another Malay Kampung House-themed decoration for Aidil Fitri 2013. It looks like a grand looking wakaf with Minangkabau`s roof. Nice flowers and plants all around, with Minangkabau-roof small kiosks in between the garden around the wakaf, selling kuih raya and such.

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